Fire Damage Investigation

When fires strike, it can cause obvious damage including smoke and water damage. However, structural damage can range from obvious damage to more subtle damage that cannot be discovered without careful investigation. N-J has experience investigating and designing repairs to fire-damaged structures including steel, concrete, and wood structural systems. N-J personnel have performed specialized testing to determine the extent and severity of damage so that appropriate repairs can be developed. N-J has designed repairs to fire damage, and performed construction administration to help assure the Owner that the repairs are correctly implemented.

Boat Storage Building - Partial Roof Collapse

In early 2010, a severe snow storm occurred in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that exceeded the design snow load in some portions of the region. The snows resulted in a range of distress in buildings from ceiling distress in some long-span structures to collapse other structures. N-J was retained to investigate damage to numerous buildings from this storm. N-J services include cause and origin determination, as well as repair design and construction monitoring.