About Us

Nelson Jones (N-J) is a consulting firm focused on investigation, repair, and enhancement of existing structural systems, along with design of specialized new structures. N-J personnel have experience in a wide variety of structural design and investigation projects covering most construction materials.

Our work includes investigation of structural failures, from foundation failure to building collapse. The focus of a collapse investigation is normally related to determining the cause of failure. We perform the necessary investigation  and structural analysis to determine the probable cause of failure. Sometimes, our work stops there. However, many of our clients also have us design the repair and perform construction monitoring.

We have worked on numerous projects, including challenging work on tall buildings and large warehouses. Our projects include work on many of the tallest buildings in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We work throughout Texas and many other states; at last count, we had personnel licensed in approximately 13 states.

Selected Staff

Nelson Jones maintains a staff of trained personnel to perform building investigation. Our staff includes graduate engineers (professional engineers and engineers-in-training) and other degreed professionals. On the left you can review profiles for selected staff members.