Building vehicle impact is not an uncommon event. When a vehicle causes damage to a building, it creates a repair design challenge because you can not typically just put it back the way you found it. Most building codes require that the new components of the repair be brought up to meet current code. It can be challenging to determine what needs to be done to repair the building without specialized testing, and sometimes, destructive investigation, because the original structural drawings have typically been misplaced.

Designing for potential projectile impact can also be challenging. The building code typically specifies a static design load for designing impact barriers for parking structures. However, when designing for atypical potential impacts, the building code offers little or no guidance. In those cases, it is necessary to go back to the physics of impact, determine a design speed, mass, and impact distance to find the required design force. N-J has experience with design of new impact resistant elements and repair of structures that are damaged by impact.