Load-bearing Wall Panel Failure

N-J was contacted by a Houston area client with a significant problem with their parking structure. They hired another engineering firm to design repairs to a failed wall panel. The engineering firm designed the repair and it was implemented by a repair contractor. After completing the repair, the contractor began to remove the shoring that was holding up the wall panel. The panel immediately cracked and started to collapse. The shoring was put back into place.

N-J was contacted to review the repair design and perform a general assessment of the garage. The design by the other engineer had a fatal flaw. They were attempting to support the entire wall panel on an unreinforced concrete patch, which is not as strong as original concrete.

N-J peformed an assessment of the existing wall panel reinforcing (which was lacking in the corner of the panel), and determined the appropriate size of a repair. The new repair was successfully implemented. 

After correcting the failed design prepared by another consultant, N-J was retained to perform additional design work. N-J performed an assessment of the whole garage and prepared a report so that the client could develop a prioritized maintenance program. N-J also performed an assessement of a wall panel where the Owner wanted to install a much larger door openining. N-J designed panel reinforcing to support the loads.