Parking Structure Assessment and Repair

Parking structures, being exposed to the elements, experience much more distress than most other building structures. Typical distress varies based on the type and age of the parking structure. As parking structures age, it is important to have a regular maintenance and inspection program to find distress as it occurs, and address it promptly. Most distress that typically occurs in a parking structure gets increasingly worse over time, so delaying maintenance will often lead to exponentially more expensive repairs.

Obtaining a condition survey prior to purchasing a new parking structure is also a very good idea. A typical general building due diligence investigation will not normally reveal the extent and severity of parking structure distress because due diligence surveys are not normally detailed enough to catch many of the problems with parking structures, nor are they typically staffed by personnel that are experienced in parking structure investigation and repair design. N-J finds that our investigations routinely find significant distress that allows the potential buyer to receive concessions from the seller to cover the cost of repairs instead of having the potential buyer take on that liability unknowingly.