Specialized Testing

When performing building consulting, visual condition assessment often only yields part of the answer. Nelson Jones complements its investigative work with specialized test equipment. Unlike many testing labs, our technical staff operate the equipment directly, instead of using non-degreed technicians. This allows us to make more detailed assessments while on-site.

Our testing capabilities cover a range of technologies designed to assess structures, including Infrared Thermography, Ground Penetrating Radar, Concrete Strength and Reinforcement Location Equipment, Precision Altimeters, and Ultrasonic Thickness Testing Equipment.

Using non-destructive techniques, we can gain some remarkable insights. We can obtain a 3D image of concrete using ground-penetrating radar that shows the locations of each reinforcing bar in a slab, as well as determine the depth of the slab at each point, and whether there are any anomalies, such as conduits and voids. Our equipment can also see below the slab, to diagnose loss of slab support in cracked slabs. Using IR thermography, we can often see into walls and roofs to determine where leaks are occurring. We can also often determine where wall framing is located in wood-frame walls and which cells were grouted on masonry walls. Our advanced imaging capabilities expand our understanding of buildings, and limit the amount of destructive work required to complete an investigation.