Warehouse Tornado Damage

When a severe thunderstorm crossed North Texas, it spawned a tornado that impacted an approximately 700,000 square foot office/warehouse containing perishable food. The tornado opened two large areas of the roof to the sky. Furthermore, projectile impacts from flying components penetrated the roof in multiple locations, causing various leaks. Luckily, the food was palletized, unlike some warehouses, so only portions of the food were damaged.

To protect the building contents from further damage, N-J had to act quickly. N-J designed an emergency wall shoring system, and worked with a shoring contractor to have shoring towers installed so that the general contractor could install a temporary roof. N-J then worked with the original joist manufacturer to update thier design to meet the current Building Code. N-J also performed a review of other failed components, including load dock doors, to determine if they complied with the Building Code. N-J was engineer-of-record on the repairs, and performed construction administration during the repairs.